What's new !!

Halcyon has always been defined by its unending dedication to quality and innovation. These new products from Halcyon are noexception. From reef, wreck, quarry or cave - Halcyon is designed to supportany possiblediving destination. Please check specific details for each new products.

Halcyon Zero Gravity Sidemount System!

System features:

Unique u-shaped badder
Cinch adjustable harness
30lbs lift capacity.

It is suitable for the Traveling Sidemount Diver.

Spine weight Pouch is available

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Flare Handheld

Halcyon is once more excited to announce their latest product from our light development Team: the Flare Handheld!

While the new Flare Handheld shares many of the features of our Flare and Focues lights such as machined aluminum head, and rugged construction, the new light has one significant difference: It is cordless!

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Halcyon Custom Color Wing!

Get Colorful!

Did you know Halcyon offers custom color configurations for all wings?

And your choice of webbing is also now available!

Order yours today!

Fill out the Halcyon Custom Wing Order Form to go with your order

*Custom color wings cost an additional US$70.00

* Webbing is available separately in Pink, Yellow, Stealth Grey, and of course, Halcyon Blue!