Halcyon Dive Vehicle - Exploration

Halcyon divers have a long history of using diver propulsion vehicles to explore some of the most remote and extreme aquatic environments around the globe. This history along with countless hours “on the trigger” has culminated in collaborative dive vehicle designs that represent a superior blend of performance and reliability in addition to the right balance of speed, thrust and power consumption. The new Halcyon HDVexp is a high performance, high output dive vehicle for extreme exploration. The HDVexp, like its siblings the R14 and T16, blends longer runs times, additional thrust and SAFT quality Li-Ion technology with simple intuitive functionality, effortless maneuverability, compact design, easy adjustment for fresh/salt water use and a world class warranty that comes complete with worldwide support and service. The HDVexp is a true exploration grade tool for extreme underwater explorers worldwide.

Item# 75.010.028
Use Tech / Cave / Long-Range / Military
FTP Price  
Color Black
Motor/ Battery 36V / SAFT Li-Ion 28ah, 37.5v nominal, 1050wh
Body Anodized AL / Technopolymers
Max op. Depth ft (m) 984 (300)
Thrust Lb-ft (Kg) 75-85 (34-39)
Max Speed ft/min (m/min) 265-282 (81-86)
Range Max Speed 3.29 nmi (6.1km)
Runtime Max Speed 75min
Range Cruise Speed 7.29nmi (13.5km)
Runtime Cruise Speed 300min
Weight lbs (Kg) 55.12 (25) (with battery)
Length/Diameter in (mm) 37.8 (960) / 7.76 (197)
Max Recharge Time 8 hours
In-water Usage Temp +23 to +95F (-5 to +35C)
Warranty 2 Years (not batteries)
Standard Accs Included:
Proplock Propeller
PowerGrip Handle
Bypass System
Battery Gauge
Cruise Handle
Machinery Directive 2006/95/CE
Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMC 2004/108/CE
UNI EN ISO 14151-1:2007
UNI EN ISO 12100-1:2009
UNI EN ISO 61000-6-4
UNI EN ISO 61000-6-1
CEI EN 60034-1
CEI EN 60335-1