Hacyon Defender Pro™

Hacyon Defender Pro™ Halcyon Manufacturing is well known for guideline device innovations, having pioneered some of the most unique designs in technical diving. Now we are pleased to announce the dawn of a new generation of guideline devices. The new Halcyon Defender Pro™ series of guideline devices expands upon the time tested utility of Halcyon Defender™ spools by providing enhanced "fexibility and unique operational advantages.



The Defender Pro™ series provides a wide range of valuable features:

• Nearly indestructible Delrin® design for years of trouble-free operation
• Solid center reduces spool size, enhancing portability and ease of operation; eliminates any risk of catching a finger
• 150’ (45m) spool equal to the size of a 100’ (30m) defender spool; 100’ (30m) spool now the size of a 75’ (23m)
• Easy Grip™ adaptor provides great grip, even with gloves; freespin and fully locked positions
• Adaptor can be removed for classic mode and retrofit to any size Defender Pro™
• Available in 100ft, 150ft, and 200ft sizes (30m, 45m, 60m) with #24 line


30.040.100 Defender Pro™ 100

30.040.150 Defender Pro™ 150

30.040.200 Defender Pro™ 200