Halcyon Manufacturing is well known for guideline device innovations, having pioneered some of the most unique designs in technical diving. Now we are pleased to announce the dawn of a new generation of guideline devices. The new Halcyon Defender Pro series of guideline devices expands upon the time tested utility of Halcyon Defender spools, by providing enhanced flexibility and unique operational advantages. The Defender Pro series provides a wide range of valuable features:


  •   Nearly indestructible Delrin design for years of trouble-free operation
  •   Solid center reduces spool size, enhancing portability and ease of operation
  •   Solid center eliminates the risk of catching a finger during deployment
  •   Easy Grip™ adaptor provides great grip even with gloves; free spin and fully locked positions
  •   Adaptor can be removed for classic mode and retrofit to any size Defender Pro
  •   Available in 100, 150, and 200 foot sizes (30m, 45m, 60 meters) with #24 line



Click the image below to watch the Defender Pro demo video to learn how to set up and use your guideline device.

The dive is the thing. We make the gear that we know will make diving better. It is knowing as opposed to guessing.

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Halcyon Product Development

Much of Halcyon's reputation was earned through the hard work of underwater cave exploration in Florida, Europe, and Mexico. In the company's early days, Halcyon product development meetings were likely to be held in a Tallahassee sushi bar, after a hard weekend of cave exploration. Everyone would debate about how the current wing made a dive more or less comfortable, or how changing a material would be an improvement. While some of us were putting the gear through its paces in the caves, others were doing the same on wrecks and reefs, from the Baltic, to the Caribbean. As soon as the feedback filtered in, a new batch of wings, with the suggested changes in place, would roll out of the factory, made better by the previous two weekends of diving.


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