When the leading deep-wreck explorer Mike Barnette wanted a custom-designed rebreather wing, capable of meeting his rigorous needs, he turned to the only manufacturer with the requisite experience: Halcyon Manufacturing. Our in-house design and production capabilities are enhanced by nearly two decades of cutting-edge exploration experience. 
The earliest versions of the CCR-35 were designed for the Megalodon and the KISS rebreathers; however, subsequent field use has demonstrated this wing is ideal for most closed-circuit rebreathers utilizing inverted cylinders. 
A range of carefully engineered design features is sure to impress even hard-core CCR divers:


  •   35 pounds (16 kg) of carefully tailored buoyancy provide the right amount of lift in exactly the right places.
  •   Standard 11-inch, on-center grommet holes provide easy attachment to most CCRs.
  •   Limits lift behind diver’s head - lift near inverted valves supports horizontal trim and diver’s balance.
  •   Offset inflator elbow supports easy access to the rebreather while keeping the inflator clear of the breathing loop.
  •   Slotted wing allows supply hoses to route through the wing, keeping hoses streamlined and close to the body.
  •   OPV is positioned to limit interference with open-circuit bailout bottles and to support easy venting.

The CCR-35 is CE certified.

The dive is the thing. We make the gear that we know will make diving better. It is knowing as opposed to guessing.

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Halcyon Product Development

Much of Halcyon's reputation was earned through the hard work of underwater cave exploration in Florida, Europe, and Mexico. In the company's early days, Halcyon product development meetings were likely to be held in a Tallahassee sushi bar, after a hard weekend of cave exploration. Everyone would debate about how the current wing made a dive more or less comfortable, or how changing a material would be an improvement. While some of us were putting the gear through its paces in the caves, others were doing the same on wrecks and reefs, from the Baltic, to the Caribbean. As soon as the feedback filtered in, a new batch of wings, with the suggested changes in place, would roll out of the factory, made better by the previous two weekends of diving.


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